Art is like a language, one that everybody understands, one that connects us and one that doesn’t need rules or limits. Art doesn’t even need words – but can be so loud at the same time. So loud that it can change the world.

Find out about our team, our projects, our vision and how you can get involved, because ARTHELPS!

Art means freedom. The freedom to escape from the everyday just for a moment, to discover and to immerse yourself in a new world. The freedom to simply be a child far away from violence, fear and hopelessness – and to dream. We create a space in which this freedom can be lived.

Worldwide projects

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Whether our ambassadors are famous or not, they're all important to us. Each and every one uses their talents to help create opporunities for our cause. Together we have more ideas, more strength and can achieve more.

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Wheather you feel like a creative or not, at ARTHELPS you can make a difference. There are so many opportunities for your or your business to support us.

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Our products

Every one of our products tells a story. A story of hope, joy and love; all that amidst war, hate and devastation. Our artists are children whose situations appears hopeless yet they carry so much strength and joy. By selling their work we want to support the young artists on their journey.

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